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Research Design
Quantitative Research Methods
Public Economics
Public Finance
Public Budgeting and Financial Management
Policy Analysis
Urban Studies
Universal Basic Income

University of La Verne
Claremont Graduate University
California State University, Fullerton

Ph.D. in Public Policy, Ph.D. in Economics, Ph.D. in Political Science
DPA (Doctor of Public Administration)
MPA (Master in Public Administration)
M.A. in Public Policy
B.A. in Economics

Thank you notes from students (unsolicited, selected)

Thank you for your lectures; it was really a great class. Personally, I learned a lot from you, and I really like the way you taught us. At first, I liked neither Statistics nor Economics, but now I do. It’s because of your incredible way of teaching. 

I really enjoyed the class but found the material very challenging. You have a natural tendency to simplify concepts for all to understand. I appreciate your patience and willingness to help. You are a natural teacher.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. I was pre‐warned that this would be difficult, and it was. But not without benefit. You were so patient to explain instantly when my understanding was unclear and gave examples that made sense. You are an awesome teacher. Also, I was very pleased when I was able to evaluate some of the statistical studies that I used for my report, but also know that there is so much more to learn! Again, Thank you.

I’ve heard ‘stories’ about this class (too much work, students not passing, etc.). The material was presented in a way that was easy to understand and apply professionally. I work as a Senior Management Analyst for a city and have already incorporated quantitative analysis in various staff reports.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. It was truly a riveting experience. I learned so much about economics, a subject that has been daunting to me for many years. Thank you for allowing me to see the light. I look forward to taking more of your classes in the future.

Thank you very much for your excellent teaching. I was previously afraid of statistics before my MPA program, but I started to have confidence after taking your statistics class. You are a great teacher!!

Thank you for explaining statistics in a way that a person with zero algebra experience and little math skills could understand.

I want to say thanks for bringing us so far in such a short amount of time. For me, I am enjoying a newly acquired fondness (not love, but merely fondness) for statistics. I realize now that statistics can really tell us so much ­ this is something I never picked up on during the four previous statistics courses I’ve completed at the college/university level and am so glad to finally ‘get it.’ I also appreciated the comment about my curious mind because, yes, I am curious!! There is so much to learn 🙂 At any rate, thanks for everything. I appreciate all that you put into the course and the real, true teaching you gave us.

I’m loving this class!  SPSS is very challenging but I cannot wait to utilize it for my own research work. I have learned a lot from this class. Thank you!  

I truly enjoyed your class. I told my husband I would not mind taking your class again, He looked at me crazy because he knows I do not do well with numbers, ESPECIALLY STATS.

I just wanted to let you know that thank you for what we have learned.  You have made budgeting actually fun, and one day I do hope to get into a position or career that relates to budgeting.  It was an amazing class, and I do hope that my work reflected that I understood what you taught us! I honestly have really enjoyed the course! I have learned interesting facts about budgets, and I think even the book was very helpful and easy to understand and read! The assignments were also very educational for me! I got to learn about specifics regarding the city, and what to look for when potentially applying to new jobs in the future!

I wanted to thank you. I enjoyed this class and I do wish you had taught my undergraduate statistics course in my finance major. I struggled through that class about 25 years ago but it did not stop me from wanting to pursue mathematics… I feel that this class has reignited my love for mathematics again.

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the course “Budgeting and Financial Management” and being in your class this term.  Your dedication did not go unnoticed. I really like the method of teaching. and I value it more than you will ever know.